Media Portrayals Of Adolescence

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Media portrayals of adolescence

Media portrayals of adolescence


The media plays a very influential role on the thinking of people and especially on youth though process. Television is another type of media that has become increasingly popular, as adolescent programming is now more common (KFF, 2002).Drama is one of the most encouraged sources of media; it has intensity to influence the way of living and thinking of adolescents around the globe. Normally huge number of dramas and movies are made annually to attract the adolescent and teenage audience. Many of dramas and movies illustrate adolescent life. After watching this dramas and movies the question that rises is being they portraying the role of adolescent accurately, and even if not than what adverse effect do this illustration has on adolescents. In order to appeal the teenage viewers, drama plots are incline to illustrate situations in adolescence to which these teens can relate. Scenarios like high school parties, hangouts, social groups and relationships are highly common. In that, the most common themes are alcohol consumptions, drugs and sex addition to that the rowdiest and rebellious attitude towards society. The portrayal should be in the way that it influences youth in positivity. Adolescence is about studies it is about sports and motivation and inspirational creativity that part should be depicted.


To depict the idea of adolescence as depicted by media we have chosen and seen initial two episodes of drama series Glee. Glee is an American comedy drama series that airs on Fox in the United States of America. In it's pilot episode we come to know It is a musical comedy it center on the high school club called “New Directions” contending on the choir show competition tours, group consist some active teenagers' members and plot revolves around their relationships, curiosity and social issues.

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