Mediation Paper - Psychology

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Mediation Paper - Psychology


In this advanced world, the negative consequences of tension are unavoidable. People have endeavored a range of methods to help contend with stress, everything from workout and diet to alternative procedures like biofeedback. However, the most productive method to deal with stress is not one of these modern procedures but rather a 5,000 year-old concept: Meditation. Meditation not only helps reduce the negative effects of stress, but also leads to a better sense of well-being by uniting mind and body (Vara, 52).


The undeveloped values and practices of meditation are fixed in Hinduism, an Asian belief whose followers believe that the soul is undying and sustains an eternal connection with God. Hindus accept as true that because the soul is eternal, it must reincarnate in diverse forms to retain this everlasting relationship. Thousands of juvenile people flocked to the concepts of Hinduism in the 1970's to get away the pharmaceutical heritage of the times.

As the troubled youth of the 1970's matures into the experts of the 1990's, the practice of meditation has been incorporated into the medical area and studied for its effect on the body and mind. The individual perform of meditation slows down and calms the body, lowering body-fluid force and heart rate with the use of deep respiring exercises.

The soothing of the body in it works to fight stress but those who meditate say that meditation also helps to replenish the mind. The common sense, along with the body, desires to feel at peace. In the hustle and bustle of the technological age, we often seek out materialistic means of happiness. Some chase interests that like rock ascending that present both personal and mental trials to satisfy this need while others stretch out in front of the TV to relax.

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