Medical Specialists

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Medical Specialists and their Specialties


The purpose of conducting this research is to expand our boundaries of knowledge by exploring objective literature related to “Medical Specialists and their specialties. This paper examines the role of dermatologist nad their consultation factor. There are certain situations in which nonpsychiatric medical treatment, such as dermatological care is effective in skin picking cases.

Paper Outline


A brief into about the paper and its discussion focused on dermatology and specialization.

Dermatologist Consultation

A detailed analysis of the history of specialization and itsmajor areas.

The task

It involves the major areas of demotologist consultation.


Concluding thought, ending the report;



One of the many options you have as a healthcare professional is choosing a medical specialty in which to practice. Whether you are a nurse, a physician, or allied health professional, choosing a medical specialty will help focus your educational goals, job search efforts, and career choices.

A medical specialty is the study completed by a graduate or graduate in medicine at its graduate, which provide it with a set of medical expertise on a specific area of the human body, specific surgical techniques or a method of diagnosis given. As each country can vary both the number and the name of the medical specialties, although the trend is to unify them. Even some medical specialties, primarily laboratory are also open to graduates or graduates in biology, pharmacy or chemistry in certain countries. They are not medical specialists, but other health professionals: the nurses, the optometrist, the occupational therapists, the therapists , the psychologist , the podiatrists , the radio physicist's hospital and dentists . Some of these other professions have their own specialties.

Major Subject Areas


The field of dermatology focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases, disorders, and conditions of the skin.

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine is the field, which focuses on emergent or acute medical care of patients who need immediate medical attention due to trauma, accident, or a major medical event.

Family Medicine

Family medicine is a primary care field overseeing the basic healthcare needs of patients of all ages, from infant to geriatric.

Through this research is to present a series of definitions of everything laid on medical specialists, in order to meet and learn all their functions to perform within their respective specialties. Through this exhibition as a defense of research topic, it will be explaining each concept on the various specialists in relation to medicine.

Dermatology and its major factors

Compulsive skin picking was first described by Wilson in 1875, which saw self-inflicted excoriations in his "neurotic" patients and named these types of behaviors "neurotic excoriations". Since that time, compulsive skin picking has appeared in literature under such names as neurotic or psychogenic excoriation, acne excoriate, self-inflicted dermatitis, or dermatotillomania. Compulsive skin picking is defined as repetitive, ritualistic, or impulsive skin picking in the absence of an underlying dermatological condition.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th ed., text revision; American Psychiatric Association, 2000) does not have a specific diagnostic category for compulsive skin picking; therefore, it is often ...
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