Medieval Society And Modern Society

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Medieval Society and Modern Society


This paper explores and enlightens the medieval society and the modern society using a holistic approach. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the medieval society and the modern society. Nevertheless, the paper also focuses on the similar conceptions existing in the medieval times and the modern society. This paper is aimed to explore the ideologies and conceptions of medieval society and strives to distinguish the existence of ideologies in the modern society.

Medieval Society and Modern Society


Medieval times were a very dangerous time period. The medieval period lasted from about 400AD to about 1500 AD. This time was very different from the way life is now. Medieval Europe was a very dangerous time period. Government, the public, and the warfare were all different. If someone were to go back to 1200 AD in France, they would find themselves in a very difficult situation. Hence, it can be noticed that the style of life in medieval society was called feudalism. Nevertheless, there have been so many changed in the social structure of United States that contrasts the modern era (21st century) from the medieval times.

These changes have significantly affected the lives of individuals residing in United States. It can be analyzed that the living standard of Americans have changed and improved in 21st century as compared to medieval times. The lawful structure of United States has also changed along with other modifications in the civilization of United States. It can be realized that the political structure of United States is one of the most stable political systems of the world; this ensures the economic growth and success of the country. America is counted in the first world countries and planning to grow more in the near future.


Medieval Society

In the medieval society feudalism was one of the dominant factors that influenced the social reform. The king owned the land as a “trust from God,” and then gave it away to others. The first people the king would pass land to be the nobles, and from it was passed to the lower ranks of the people. The people who held these lands had to pay fees or rents, called fiefs (Wenzel and Nichols, 1996). Lords often had special benefits. Lords were entitled to aids or money payments on occasions, such as the knighting of his son, or the marriage of his daughter. ...
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