Methods To Help High School Students In Reading

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Methods to help High School Students in Reading

Methods to help High School Students in Reading

Article: 1

Author Name: Floyd Jones

Date: 21-10-2007

Literature Review

Teacher Incentive Fund (Teacher Incentive Fund)-The Fund will help states and districts to reward teachers and principals who make progress in raising academic achievement levels of students and closing the achievement gaps, and educators who choose to practice in the schools of greatest need. Performance in mathematics, to improve mathematics achievement, programs of the President of teaching math to students in elementary and middle school, called Math Now programs for Elementary School Students and Math Now for Middle School Students, respectively, give grants competition to train teachers in proven instructional methods, including methods arising from the forthcoming findings of the National Math Panel (National Math Panel).


Performance in science beginning in 2008-09, is taken into account the results broken down science assessments to determine the compliance with the accountability for results, providing that all students will achieve at their grade level in science at the latest by 2019-20.

Literature review 2

Author: Nanette S. Fritschmann and Emily J. Solari

Date: 2, Mar, 2011

Literature review:

Flexibility-The states will prioritize their school improvement activities based on specific needs and successes of the school. To help states and districts to tailor programs to their specific needs, 100 percent of specified federal funds may be transferred between programs. Students with disabilities, to ensure that school districts are recognized for being able to help students with disabilities make academic progress; states may choose to use different and modified assessments. (Juel, 2001)



Author name: Mindy Kinnier

Date: 10-02-2010

Literature Review:

Parents, teachers and tutors can help students build reading fluency in a variety of ways. Fluency is the ability to read accurately, smoothly, and quickly and is crucial to success in school and in life. Before working with students on reading fluency, it is important that their reading is assessed to see what grade level they are reading at. Here are several ideas for how to help a student build reading fluency: (Hicks, 2001)

1. Help the student choose a book that is both interesting for him and at his reading level. Have the student read this book for at least 20 minutes every day. If the book is not interesting to him, or is too challenging, allow him to find another book. It is especially helpful if the student spends at least half of this time reading aloud to someone.


The students were able to read out loud to the adult. Having someone there to listen to the student will help the student stay engaged while reading. It helped them feel successful. The fact that the student is able to read a book well, and that another person is enjoying it, will help build confidence and an enjoyment of reading.


Author Name: Lindsay Glenn

Date: 01-01-2006

Literature Review:

Find a short passage that is at the student's reading level. This could simply be an excerpt found in a book. It is best if the student has a copy of the ...
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