Micro Social Work Practice

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Micro Social Work Practice



The main purpose of this paper is to make an analysis on the social work practice and determine the ways through which the social work profession has changed the current philosophical standpoints of the profession and the current professional context for social work practice with individuals, families and groups.

Social Work Imperatives

Comparison of Priorities

Since 2005 to 2010, many priorities have been changed and these changes in the imperatives brought some changes and messages for the social work practice with individuals, families and groups. There had been many changes in the imperatives of 2010 that shape direct social work practice. The task of paper publishing has been made at the nursing-social work state of the Science Summit in January 2008, and these have been presented with the help of some additional funding made by John A. Hartford Foundation. The foundation made the funding in partnership with the AARP and the American Journal of Nursing (Barclay, 2008). The presentation of these papers has been submitted as a supplement of the Journal Social Work Education and has been published in the CSWE Gero-Ed Center's Website.

Different suggestions have been made for the work of social work educators in all the specialty areas. The main purpose of this was to make the graduates prepare to do the practice with elders and families. These suggestions have been published by the CSWE Press.

Some changes have been made by NADD that made the representation at an MIMH workshop on EBP. These changes have been dispersed in social work education. The Public Policy initiatives had been eliminated by CSWE in 2008; these initiatives were focusing on bringing the advancement in the social work education in all areas that include the behavioral health (Bedics, 2001). Principles for Health Care Reforms have been changed in 2009 by CSWE, and the focus was on the behavioral and mental health parity needs in reforms efforts.

Social Work Reinvestment Initiative

How can social work practice with individuals, families and groups be impacted by this Initiative?

The term Social Work Reinvestment Initiative can be termed as a joint effort which is composed of leading social work organizations and other stockholders. The main purpose of this is to bring security in the state and federal investments which are linked to training, research, recruitment and retention (Beattie, 2007). These links give strength to the profession and the communities served by it. These initiatives ...
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