Middle Eastern Game Industry

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Middle Eastern Game Industry

Game Industry In The Middle East

Game Industry in The Middle East


The Middle East is the future market place for the gaming. In context of online gamers in the world, Middle Eastern communities are one of the fastest growing markets, and same is the case with the demographic studies that are more likely to stay true for many coming years. More than half of the 0.35 billion people that are living in the Arab world are not more than the age of 25. The remarkable technological penetration and the internet usage rose to about 70 million users.


The growth rate tells the whole story for itself, as the internet users are grown to about 300 percent in the last half of a decade. According to the Middle Eastern entrepreneurship research, the penetration rate of internet is more likely to increase in the future and it is forecasted to double in the year 2015. These Statistics are the basis of encouragement for the developing yet a huge video game industry and a market place in the Middle East. A few of the Middle Eastern gaming firms are being funded heavily from the local investors in the last couple of years.

According to the Chief marketing officer of a Middle Eastern investment firm N2V that is spending lot of money in the gaming platform in the Middle East, thinks that the gaming industry in the Middle East in interesting because it internet growth rate, which is the fastest around the globe, is being followed in the region by this gaming industry. In February 2012, the inaugural acquisition of an Arab video game development company took place; the Saudi Arabian Kammelna was acquainted by an international firm from Turkey, namely Turkey's Peak games, a company with a rapid growth in the gaming industry around the globe. Kemmelna is a well known online card game namely Baloot, which has a fairly high registered users approximately a million, and it has traffic of 50,000 users a day.

A Middle Eastern gaming news portal, saudigamer.com was founded as a hobby but the increasing consumer base in the Middle East made it a profitable commercial business, said the founder Mashoor Al Dubayan. He added that sensing the opportunity of a business in the site because of the increasing gaming trend, he began to advance the relationships between the major companies for sponsors and later he left his job to work on the new prosperous business full time.

Gaming Expansion in Middle East

The video game developers in the Middle East are far behind as compared to the giants that are operating in Asia and the west in many aspects, technology sophistications and marketing most importantly. According to peak games, local industries of Middle East have a few advantages. In all the oil rich countries of the Middle East, the younger generation with lots of cash have few or no entertainment outlets. The world's highest average revenue per user per day is of the people of the Middle ...
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