Military Research Paper On Decontamination Platoon

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Military Research Paper on Decontamination Platoon

Military Research Paper on Decontamination Platoon


William S. Cohen, who is the secretary of Defense Science Board, said in a speech that as the United States is approaching toward the new millennium, it is facing a delicate vision due to the presence of regional aggressors, terrorist cells, third-rate armies and even religious sects. These all things have been exercising unbalanced powers by utilizing (NBC) i.e. nuclear; biological; or chemical weapons by the army as well as by many people at their homes. The probability of using a weapon by terrorist for the purpose of mass destruction, the special formation of chemicals, biological, and nuclear is growing in the United States (Kaplan, 1997).

The United States, due to the possibility of any upcoming attack must be prepare to face the consequences of that event and for that it must proactive by preparing a team of Chemical Corps military which could be expert in the NBC arena of warfare to better manage the sudden consequences of any war. In this research paper there is a brief discussion about the threats of Weapon of Mass Destruction i.e. (WMD), the current response of the military against any attack, methodologies to detect agents of war, procedures of decontamination, and the impacts of US response missions over chemical units, and personal experiences for the preparedness of any bombastic attack.


The nerve agent attack of Tokyo in 1995 set a good example for upcoming sudden attacks. Many experts claim about the terrorist activities in US as an imminent and a sub-committee on Senate says in this regard that “in fact, it's a matter of WHEN instead of IF. Thus, we must be well prepared for those events”. The American soil has been a victim of a mass destructive attack, however, in 2003, a disastrous explosion of the World Trade Centre evaporated the cyanide that was filled up in the explosive tool and for that it was very necessary to prevent the poisonous gas by spreading into the atmosphere; an atmosphere in which thousands of people breathe. For that purpose, the Federal Bureau of exploration is persistently trying to track several groupings that could be able to utilize some sort of destructive attacks in any future event. To support many large events such as the National Scouting Jamboree and the Atlanta Olympics, some chemical units are already in process to work in such attacks of terrorism.

The Threat

The Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical threat to the national population is different than the battleground threat is facing by today's military. Decontaminations platoon's works and services can be categorized into four basic types which are (1) nuclear devising, (2) radiological-dispersion devising (RDDs), (3) biological agents, and (4) industrial and chemical agents.

Nuclear devices also pose a threat to the national communities because of advanced technology, high cost, and accessibility of materials. Conversely, RDDs have much possibility to be attacked in case of terrorism (Seiple, 1997).

The agents of the Biological concerns have also a higher probability for working in ...
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