Military Tactics Used In The American Revolution

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Military Tactics Used In the American Revolution


American Revolution has a place of one of the important event in the history of United States. A number of challenges was faced by the nation is past, and the way it came out of all those hurdles is a great miracle. This research paper aims at highlighting some of the tactics that helped the American defeat the Britishers in American Revolution. The tactics and weapons used by the Britishers are also disused. A brief overview of the Soldiers of both armies is presented in the paper so as to mark the distinguishing characteristic of the soldiers of two troops. The paper is concluded with a motivational thought about the American Revolution that serves as a lesson for all the upcoming generations.

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The position of the Combatants before 17782

Military tactics used by Britishers during American Revolution4

Military tactics used by Americans during American Revolution7


End Notes11

Military Tactics Used In the American Revolution


The period of 1775 to 1783 marks great changes in the history Of America. In that period, American Revolutionary War (also known as American War of Independence) took place. The war took place between the Kingdom of Great Britain and earlier 13 united British colonies at the place of North American Continent. The series of battles ended in the form of global war that creates hurdles for the complete society. Several European Great powers became a part of the Global war.


The political American Revolution was the finishing stage of the war. The colonists of the place rejected to accept the Parliament of Great Britain as the Governing body or to exert any right on the lives of Colonials. It was because the Parliament has no representation of the colonials. The rebels got control of 13 colonial governments in the year 1775. The Second Continental Congress was created that result in the formation of Colonial Army. The colonials requested the king to intervene on their behalf with the parliament. The Congress was not satisfied with this action and declared the act as of a traitor. The revolt continues for the subsequent years and the American keep on blowing their voice for freedom.

The war was declared by Americans as a way of their independence, and this is the reason that their reaction was formal. The new nation that was declared by Americans as a new state is presently known as United States of America. Their claim was related to power, and they refused for any commitment with the British powers. British Army was captured by the continentals in the year 1777. The resultant was the entrance of France in the Revolutionary war on behalf of the Americans. The Britain got the support of Military in the starting days of the year1778. Spain and Dutch Republic reacted similar to French Allies and join the war against the Britain.

The Britishers have a predominant position in terms of their naval powers, and they used their strength for the occupancy of the coastal ...
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