Mill On The Floss

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The Mill On The Floss

The Mill on the Floss


The topic of our study is about a novel; “The Mill on the Floss” by Mary Ann Evans also known as “George Eliot”. Initially, William Blackwood published this novel in three volumes in the year 1860. Thomas Y. Crowell Co. published its first American edition.

The novel is one of the remarkable works done by George Eliot. It describes the lives of a brother and sister, Tom and Maggie Tulliver. It portrays their growing up on the River Floss, located in England; near St. Ogg's village (The River and the village both are fictional). This is the era of between 1820s and 1832.

The novel portrays the lives of Tom and Maggie since their childhood until deaths in a flood on the floss. It is important to notify that the novel the story narrated in the novel fictional autobiography of the disgrace faced by George Eliot during her relationship with George Henry Lewes; who was a married man.

The character who holds the central role in the novel is Maggie Tulliver. Mostly, the novel surrounds Maggie's relationship with her brother Tom, romantic relationship with Philip Wakem who was a hunchbacked, caring and a dear friend. Maggie also had a relationship with the fiancé of Maggie's cousin; Stephen Guest(Eliot, 1860).


Nature; As Described in the Novel

George Eliot in her novel, “The Mill on the Floss”, has used a meaningful way to describe the nature. She describes the entire view in a very forceful way that takes the reader to the real imagination of that place (Eliot, 1860). The description explores a huge element of romanticism because of the way George Eliot described the view of the place. She had connected everything like a relation. For instance, in the starting chapter, she describes the flow of tides rushing to meet the green bank. She had narrated this rush as an emotional element.

George Eliot had paid tremendous attention to describe even the minute elements of nature and surroundings. She had given an adequate time to describing everything even the old black ship which was sailing on the tides containing some goods, in that view she beautifully described the impact of the movement of ship on water due to the glance of the sun.

Nature in terms of Romanticism

Romantic poets have described the nature as of utmost importance. These remarkable ...
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