Module 3: Existence Of God

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MODULE 3: Existence of God

Existence of God

Existence of God

Neo-Platonism developed by Plotinus believes that God is the source of everything. The Islamic institutions is more limited in every comment and philosophical thought, which Sufism is not so, since this is a more liberal approach. It is likely that the translations of Plotinus Sufism have provided the necessary philosophical ground. Neo-Platonism, whose founder is Plotinus who took the Platonic theory and ideas of Protagoras, "God is considered as source and end all and all this coming," says Neo-Platonism in Him all things return (Swinburne, 2001). The major principle of Plotinus says that there is only single God, who is the ultimate power, the Final Cause, the extraterrestrial Force. God is the highest Spirituality and the Creative Being.

The world is an emanation from God, an inevitable overflow of infinite power. God's absolute existence, is not beautiful, truth, goodness, conscience more, depends entirely on him. We are far from the sun, the light source and the most intimate of dark matter. Beauty is in the existence of God structure. All life in the world, human nature is closer to God because their souls are trying to guide in a pure thought. Human beings reflect the appearance of God, more than other life forms and therefore higher up the scale of being. However, just relying on the Aristotelian concept of essence and existence, properly reformed, Thomas makes it clear what is the basic principle of his system, the real distinction of essence and existence, as a principle derived from the clear ontological distinction of God from the creature (Jordan, 2004).

Plotinus aligned with the Platonic philosophy of religion under the teachings of Neo-Platonism. Both doctrines, the more purified the soul from the temporary passions, wishes and desires, so be harmonious with goodness. Nevertheless, they feel death ...
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