Monarchy A Superior Form Of Common Wealth

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Monarchy a Superior Form of Common Wealth

Monarchy a Superior Form of Common Wealth


The theorists of absolute monarchy basically support the idea that it was a "divine right monarchy. This means that the king's power came directly from God and should exercise all the people no one could oppose him. The power policy does not deliver God's high representative on earth, the Pope, but the king.

The government defines as straight couples and what they have in common, with sovereign authority. Another important aspect is the claim that the families and what is common to them (the funds) are above the state. In his extensive work Bodin rejects collectivist utopianism, and all forms of communism, and strives to preserve the family and property rights of any authoritarian spillover.

This approach suggests from the beginning the number of serious contradictions of his thinking. Indeed, despite being a pioneer and a proponent of absolute monarchy, raised from the first page of his book limitations are not consistent with that vision of political power.

Without prejudice to point out the confusion between state and government notes, the definition of Bodin raises several comments. First, we note that Bodin refers in his treatise to the Republics rightly governed. It deviates from the plane of the facts, which leaned Machiavelli to refer only to forms of legitimate states.

Monarchy is a Superior Form of Common Wealth

The defense made by Thomas Hobbers the authoritarian monarchy in his famous Leviathan based on their conceptions of human nature that made him the first great British empiricist. With respect to theology, Hobbes excluded from the field of philosophy, for even when considering that natural laws were responding to God's commandments, nothing could be known about God rationally.

His ideas angered supporters of the absolutist power of divine right. According to Hobbes, the first natural law of man is self-preservation, which leads him to prevail over the other: "Man is a wolf to man." To build a society, every human being has to relinquish some of their desires and establish a "social contract", which is guarantor of sovereignty. To be effective it has to be provided by a single person, hence the desirability of absolute monarchy. It should be noted, in any form, which, unlike previous authors, for Hobbes the king's sovereignty did not reside in divine right, but in maintaining the contract which had given such sovereignty.

Hobbesian conception of the state of nature departs from the sense of paradise, which the state assigns the thinking theologically. Hobbes clearly separates two phases: a state of barbarism and war of all against all, a world without germ of law and moreover, a state created and sustained by law, a state with enough power to start and reform its structure. According to Hobbes, nature has made men so equal in the faculties of body and minds that if a man is stronger or more intelligent body of understanding that another, when considered together, the difference between men ...
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