Money Buys Happiness

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Money Buys Happiness


It always has been a great debatable topic that whether money can buy happiness or not. Many people and scholars believe that money is everything that can bring happiness in life while others believe that money is not everything and besides money there are many social factors that can bring true happiness in life. This research essay aims at discussing the importance of money in life and its correlation with happiness. The main argument of this paper is that money can buy happiness. For support of this statement, some research studies have been highlighted that supports the statement. It is also discussed in detail that how happiness has positive effect on life.

Money Buys Happiness

Thesis Statement

Money can buy happiness which has positive effect on life


Money is now considered as the matter of happiness of life. Especially young generation has the concept that the large sum of money is the considerable symptom of their wealth status. In today's world of fast competition, the competition of social status has also been increased. People especially young generations know that what impacts they may have in their life with money. People are convinced that plenty of money can give them happiness. People believe that money gives them power to help them to reach their goals. The concept of happiness is now confined to money and wealth only. The other factors of happiness such as friends, family, peers, and relatives are mostly ignored now days but in fact they are also there. However, on the other hand it is true that most of the problems are now solved with money. When there are financials problems in a family, many matters are remained unsolved that gives rise to various disputes. There are many people who seek their happiness by having expensive things in their life whether they are useful for the or not.

Majority of the people feel that they need money to be happy in their lives but they are not clear about what sort of happiness they really want. In today's era the world has developed very fast. The life styles of people are changing. Modern styles of living are being adopted, new comforts are being adopted. All these utilizations of facilities and comfort life styles require money. Now, with the dramatic changed in the life styles, the new concept in people is that the new appliances and materials can bring them happiness. With the availability of money, happiness in today's people can be driven by many activities or things such as, having an expensive wrist watch, having dinners in hotels more frequently, having expensive car etc that enhances the self esteem of the person.


For many people it is difficult to understand that what is important to the, either money or happiness. Some people claim that money can bought them a lot of things but not true happiness and not true peace of mind. They believe that money cannot buy happiness, unless and until the happiness is considered in terms of belongings. They argue ...
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