Monitoring Our Home Planet

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Monitoring Our Home Planet

Monitoring Our Home Planet


With the passage of time, the global climatic and geographical changes are also occurring at the speedy rate. The natural disasters are cause by the occurring of climatic changes in the earth planet. The natural processes of earth are the factors that affect the earth and thus cause the natural disasters such as floods, tsunami, tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclones, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, heat waves and droughts, wild fires, landslides, blizzards, ice storms and avalanches. There are different natural phenomena that that are typically responsible for natural disasters that will be discussed later.

The research studies have shown that there are frequent natural changes in the earth planet that are resulting in various natural disasters and creating a huge loss of lives, injuries, economic losses and environmental losses. The natural disasters are common in both developed and underdeveloped countries. There are many underdeveloped countries that are majorly affected because of their incapability to resist the natural disasters or to take precautionary measures to avoid the affects of the natural disasters upon the country's population and the economy. However, the developed countries have now the recent technologies to forecast the possible natural disasters. The well developed countries can efficiently manage their resources to cope up with the natural disasters and to protect the billions of lives and also their economies.


The natural disasters have been increased around the globe in the recent years. Every year the natural disasters are occurred in many parts of the world in the form of meteorological, hydrological and climacteric changes and that causes significant loss of millions of lives and set back the economies and the developments of the countries. This shows that the changes are at the rapid pace and there is the strong need to continuously monitor the changes before the natural disaster occurs. The well developed countries use many efficient and effective technologies to understand and to monitor the natural phenomena that are typically responsible for natural disasters.

The continuous monitoring and forecasting of the natural phenomena of changes in the earth planet gives the disaster management bodies the alarm to prepare themselves for the upcoming possible situation. To forecast the climatic changes and the natural disasters, it is very essential to continuously monitor and forecasts the natural phenomena. In the following section we are to be discusses the different natural phenomena that are typically responsible for natural disasters and the potential impact of these disasters.

Natural phenomena responsible for natural disasters and their impacts

There are many natural phenomena that are the cause of many natural disasters. The most common disasters are tsunami, earth quakes, and tornadoes.

The natural phenomena of tsunami involves the generation of sequences of waves when the large amount of water in the sea or in the lake is moved from one place to another (website: Tsunami, 2012). The waves are created in the water by the disturbances of the sea at the big scale. Most of the times the displacement of water takes place due to the earthquakes that ...
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