Mono Lake

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Mono Lake

Mono Lake

Mono Lake, Mono Lake translation in English, is a lake salted located in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada in California , about 13 km east of Yosemite , near the town of Lee Vining . This lake in the middle of a vast and ancient caldera is an unusually productive ecosystem and original.

Its 25 km of shoreline and 180 square miles of water body provide habitat, breeding ground for wading and for many species of resident birds and migratory . According to ornithologists Comitee of Mono Lake, several million birds pass through the Mono Lake during their trip. (Sauder 2008)

Mono Lake, east of Yosemite National Park, has always had a harsh beauty and alien-psychedelic perhaps. Mark Twain, Clint Eastwood and Pink Floyd were inspired by this small alkaline lake, whose ecosystem collapsed from the 60 of the last century, two decades after divertieran Southern Californians water from tributaries of the lake for domestic consumption.

Still in a precarious state due to irreparable damage in recent decades, the small lake level has increased in recent years due to a conservation policy more decisively and consistently.

On January 1, 1972, exactly a century after Mark Twain described the landscape bare mercilessly Lake, Clint Eastwood premiered High Plain Drifter (translated as High Plains Drifter in Spain, and Revenge of the dead in Spanish), a western directed and starred in by him, which appeared the lake and mountains that surround naked. Another tribute to a harsh landscape and only worthy of representing another planet or perhaps the set of a Clint Eastwood western.

Three years afterwards, the Progressive English rock band Pink Floyd published his ninth album , Wish You Were Here, one of the soundtracks of the early years of my adolescence, to live in the same room with an older brother interested ...
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