Moral Status Of A Fetus In Abortion

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Moral status of a fetus in abortion


An abortion is termed as death and expulsion of the fetus from the uterus before five months of pregnancy. After this date until 28 weeks of pregnancy it is called immature and premature delivery is if over 28 weeks. When pregnancy that occurs due to certain issues or complexity, they call this abortion as miscarriage, and it comes under the umbrella of abortion that is spontaneous. Abortion that is called therapeutic is done due to illness faced by the female during pregnancy while induced abortion for any other reason is known as selective abortion (John, Pp. 29).

Induced abortions have been occurring since ancient times. It has a long history and has been happening in several ways, including herbs, the use of sharp tools, physical trauma and other traditional methods. While modern medicine utilizes medications and surgical procedures to induce abortion. The legality, custom, culture and views on abortion vary from country to country.


Many people do not realize that abortion is a dangerous procedure. Although their techniques are improving, there remains a high probability of negative physical effects and almost certain traumatic psychological effects. Abortion is an unnatural process that interrupts one of the primary functions of the human body. The woman's body naturally resists the abortion, causing physical and emotional problems. One of the most disturbing about this is that many women are not informed about the side effects of abortion. for example, in the bus., there is a law that allows the doctors to inform women about the risks if subjected to abortion, as a result 80% of women in this country, who had an abortion, confirmed that his advisers gave "little or no information about potential risks to their health that followed the surgery." and 68% felt "that the procedure was not described with any degree of depth or clarity.

Pregnancy that occurs before time, meaning before thirty seven weeks is called premature birth, and when a baby dies within the female's body or during the birth is termed still born. Most of the pregnancies that are not successful clinical and clear, depending factors such as how healthy the mother is and how old she is. Majority of the abortions that occur without knowledge is during the initial stage where the women are not aware that she was pregnant (Laurence, Pp. 68).

The most common cause of miscarriage during the first quarter, is the anomaly chromosomes of the fetus, which represent at least 50% of the losses of early pregnancy. There can be other factors that stimulate which people are suffering from include sugar issues, hormone involvement, and issues relating to veins as well as some abnormality occurring within the womb of the pregnant women.

The progress in the age of mother and the previous cases of abortion are the biggest factors that lead to spontaneous abortion. It is also possible to result from exposure to shock cross; either resulting from the shock of a deliberate or a strain.Methods of Abortion

Different type of abortions includes surgical, chemical, and partial birth. The most common surgical abortions are vacuum aspiration, which is performed with a ...
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