Motor Vehicle Safety

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Motor Vehicle Safety

Motor Vehicle Safety


Today's motor vehicles are much safer than the previous ones. Not only because of the new devices such as airbags, seat belts and child seats which are now included, but also devices such as brakes and tires are constantly being improved. The modern car is becoming more powerful and speedy, which also causes the severity of accidents that may occur. Therefore, more attention is paid to the development of safety systems in the car. Automakers have been working for years to make their vehicles accomplished with improve safety system. Currently, there are two types of security that work on vehicles in order to protect the life of the driver, they are active and passive.

As mentioned above, motor vehicle safety is divided into active and passive; Passive vehicle safety can also be divided into external and internal. External security is achieved on the outer side of the car the appropriate bumper and mirrors. On the inside of passive safety, the situation is more complicated and it can be divided into several parts. The first and perhaps the most basic is a body. The larger the body, safer it is. Modern design of the car is made in such a way i.e. to reduce the rate of energy impact in the car during the accident. To keep people protected, a kind of grid security is present which fence off cabin from the engine compartment, as well as around the car's interior. The body creates a frame, which remains whole for saving space inside the car when flipping.

The second factors of passive safety are seat belts. Seat belts have proved their efficiency, especially because recently they have seriously improved. Next come the airbags, which also show good results, but it is worth noting that air bags work effectively only in conjunction with safety belts, no belts, they may roost injury.

Safety Measures

We all like to live well, nicely and happily. And we absolutely do not want our lives abruptly ended or changed for the worse. The road is a place not so much dangerous as unpredictable. Nobody knows what might happen on the road: the snow-ice, fool behind the wheel, the car trouble, etc. every person want maximum security. Motor vehicle-related deaths and injuries take a heavy toll on the health care system in the United States. Motor vehicle accidents result in more than 40,000 deaths, and it has been estimated that 4.3 million people sought medical care in a hospital emergency department for nonfatal motor vehicle-related injury in 2006. Injuries are the leading cause of death for children, youth, and young adults in America. Motor vehicle occupants (drivers and passengers) represent the majority of motor vehicle-related deaths.

Road safety depends on us. Observance of traffic rules is one of the prerequisites for safety behind the wheel. This is exactly what we learns the rules, solve puzzles and remember those who like to act on the road. Reasonable compliance with speed limits, distance and movement marks ...
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