Multi-Vitamins And Dietary Supplements In Mexico

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Multi-Vitamins and Dietary Supplements In Mexico

Multi-Vitamins and Dietary Supplements In Mexico


The progressive integration of world economy and the associated increase in the complexity of the task accomplishment pose special challenges to the management of modern enterprises. The key drivers of this process are political-administrative (successive liberalization, deregulation and privatization) and technical (improved transport, information and communication technologies). Steadily rising international commodity, financial and investment support in this global economic development and accelerate at the same time, which increases the international competition in the domestic market. One goal that is common in every small, medium and large firms is to get introduce new product line in order to match the pace of changing world (Ereaut, Imms & Callingham 2002, pp. 48-78). This increases the demand of market research, and since past few decades market research have gained immense recognition and importance as businesses and investors are now relying on the market research before introducing any new product or investing in any particular market. Marketing research help companies to identify the potential customers, factors of risk, appropriate time and place to invest and above all how to invest, this heightens the importance of market research.

Choosing the right techniques of research is of high importance as McDaniel (2009) mentioned that the accuracy of any research is completely reliant on the method adopted to carry out research, if inappropriate method will be selected, then no matter how much efforts one put in, the research will bring false results. This study in this connection, will carry out market research of a multivitamins and dietary supplements, and will explore the market situation for businesses to introduce multivitamins and dietary supplements.

Product review

The product I am marketing is a nutritional supplements, it is composed of nutrients that are added to the diet to correct or prevent deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and proteins, helping in the recovery of the patient suffering from a disease or has undergone surgery and to improve overall health (Grnroos 2000, pp. 27-98). Although the nutritional needs of human beings can be fulfilled by following a balanced diet, nutritional supplements are especially beneficial in the following circumstances:

Malnutrition and nutrient deficiency is generally associated with poor diet with vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, alterations in intestinal absorption process (ability to take nutrients), chronic diarrhea and diseases such as cancer or AIDS. Note that there are periods of life which are more prone to suffer from malnutrition, such as childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, lactation and old age, the first which may leave severe sequelae, for example, decreased IQ, impaired learning and memory retention, poor muscle development and frequent infections. The latter represents one of the leading causes of death, as the nutrient deficiency alters the immune barriers that protect against the attack of germs.

Anemia or decreased hemoglobin levels in blood (protein found in red blood cells and carries oxygen from lungs to the body through veins and arteries), a condition that is caused by diet deficient in iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 as well ...
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