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Museum Paper


Greek is best known for its great artistry and the concepts of death in ancient Greek were well established by 6th century B.C (Garland, 1985). There are certain objects in the Greek art that represent the theme of death and funerals in it. It has been observed that the pot of Bell Krater, volute-krater, the wall hanging of Marble Grave Stele with a Family and the box of Pyxis is the great pieces of art that produce the enormous history in Greek fine arts.


Bell Krater

Bell Krater is the red piece of pot from c. 470, by Pan Painter. It is a vase that was used to mix water and wine. The pot contains two scenes on every single side of it. The sceneries are painted in red color over a black background that gives gruesome look. This vase is not similar to depict the usually use of light contrast backgrounds for making the scenes more apparent. The use of black background is chosen by artist to show the negative and adverse symptoms. The dark background provides the feeling of richness, whereas the white background will show the give the look of emptiness to the spectator. The contrast of red paint over black is the great picture of showing smoky and dull scenes under the pottery. The spaces provide the impression of limbs, which created to make illusions of the dimensions. It is also observed that drapery on the vase is very delicate. The projection of the entire vase is the depiction of the Death of Aktaion. It is known that Aktaion was murdered by the goddess of hunting, who made Aktaion a stag and then ripped by his own dogs. The vase is the composition of this scene, with 4 dogs attacking the figure of Aktaion. The scene also displays another character, Artimis, who is depicting her bow to Aktaion when the dogs were attacking him. The portrayal represents the hubris, which is the arrogance that Aktaion had. The vase is the projection of punishment for the arrogance instead of a only decoration piece (Hornblower, 2003).


The volute-krater contains the scenes, which are confined to a slight that grids the down element of the neck. This vase provides straight and limited wall fields, on which the painter can work greatly. The flawless black lustrous surface of the body focuses its faultless contours, while the light clay ground of the ...
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