My Beliefs, Values, And Clinical Gestalt With Individual's And Systems

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My Beliefs, Values, and Clinical Gestalt with Individual's and Systems

My Beliefs, Values, and Clinical Gestalt with Individual's and Systems


In our daily lives, we all grapple with the issue of distinguishing the right from the wrong and determining what is moral and what is legal. This sometimes leads to a form of abstract thinking. Being a professional, it is imperative that a person may adhere to some professional values. Ethics and morality are the core means of success in professional lives. It is these values that determine the conduct of the person in the professional life. However, there are instances when the professional values can conflict with the personal beliefs of the person. In this paper, I discuss my personal values and beliefs and my experience with the client. I will also discuss global contexts and immediate contexts.

Values and Beliefs

The United States of America is one country which is very dynamic in that the people in the United States of America belong to various cultural, religious, ethical and sexual orientation background. Since, I am related with the healthcare sector, I get clients of all sorts. Hence, my practice is essentially multicultural. During my internship, I was dealing with a client who was abused sexually and physically. In addition, she was white (Murphy & Dillon, 2008). She was older than me. She was a survivor and was going through severe trauma. She had to be bailed. In dealing with such clients, I adhere to certain values. These are discussed hereunder.


There are two traumas associated with the crimes against women that relate to physical or sexual abuse. These traumas appear in their full force in the cases of sexual assault and sexual exploitation. The primary trauma is related to the crime whereas the secondary trauma is related to the investigation. Investigation of the crime refreshes the event of the crime in the mind of the victim. Therefore, the counselor has to design the counseling sessions carefully keeping in view the trauma of victims. It should be properly planned and well coordinated. My client had gone through both these traumas and was diagnosed as a patient of post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. My primary responsibility was to go through the counseling protocol (Rabin, 2011).

This counseling is possible because I have the innate talent to empathies with others. I try to put myself in the shoes of another person and look at the situation from their point of view. I believe no issue is big or small, it all depends on the approach of the person. It is only the wearer who knows where the shoe pinches, so if a person finds something depressing, which may seem very trivial to someone else, it does not mean that the former does not need help.

For instance, when a person is bereaved all they can think of is their loss. They believe that this is the end of their life and nothing will ever be the same again. I believe in acknowledgement of pain ...
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