My Favorite Place: Las Vegas

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My Favorite Place: Las Vegas

There are many places in the world that are famous for their prominent features. My favorite place is Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, a veritable theme park for adults that will not disappoint anyone. Las Vegas is also a city that attracts more visitors in the world and the fastest growing city in the twentieth century. With its amazing themed hotels and their incredible performances you'll feel like you're on holiday in a parallel world. David Copperfield, Madonna, Elton John and many other artists will make sure that your trip is perfect. Getting off the plane you realize how special and different that is where you landed. The nickname of Las Vegas, The City Game is something that is found just off the plane and sees the thousands of slot machines that dominate the Las Vegas.

Originally, Las Vegas was that an oasis in the Nevada desert that served as a camp on the road to Santa Fe to California. In the early twentieth century, while accelerating with the arrival of the Continental train (1905) and the liberalization of marriage and divorce by the state of Nevada. In 1931, the state allows gambling to fund education. In the 30s, the New Deal of President Roosevelt address the economic crisis led to the construction of Hoover Dam, a giant hydroelectric dam used to generate electricity.

From that moment, the city developed around Fremont Street with the appearance of many casinos which mark the time with their multicolored neon signs gigantic. But it was in 1946 that the first hotel-casino giant will emerge.

According to the census of 2000 the city had a population of 465,634 inhabitants, while in the year 2003 the population was 518,313 inhabitants. Recent studies put the population of the ...