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Fishery Management In Myanmar

Fishery Management In Myanmar


The Myanmar is fortunately in the geographic region of land that has high amount of fisheries. The fisheries in Myanmar are growing at the rapid rate that is boosting the economy of Myanmar very fast. Numerous types of fisheries are found in Myanmar that are of good quality fish and exported worldwide. The export industry of fisheries in Myanmar is increasing and growing the passage of time. The fishing industry of Myanmar has given the big challenge to the other big industries around the world. It has always remain the challenge for the Myanmar to manage its fisheries but now with the passage of time and with rapid development, the country is efficiently managing the fisheries industries as well as it is also managing the export industry. The following paper aims at discussing the geographical feature of Myanmar, role of fisheries management and types of fishing in Myanmar, legal, governance, regulatory fisheries management framework, and fisheries laws in Myanmar both at national level as well as regional level, compliance with international and national conventions and laws, current fisheries challenges in Myanmar, impact of RFMO(s), overfishing, the issues of illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing, the environmental and ecosystem impacts of fishing affecting the sustainability of Myanmar's fisheries resources and the potential impact such as pollution and climate change.

The detailed analysis of all the issues and aspects of fishing in Myanmar will provide the clear and in-depth view of Myanmar fishing industry that will help to analyze the challenges being emerging by Myanmar fishing industry around the globe.

Geographical feature of Myanmar

The Myanmar covers about an area of 240,000 square miles. The strategic location of Myanmar is close to main Indian Ocean shipping tracks. The Myanmar's eastern border is along the mountains that touches the Chinese border in the north and touches the River Mekong and the Indo-Chinese border in the South east. The Myanmar has high mountain ranges in its North and the majority of its total is covered by forests. The border in the west is linked with India that also goes along the Himalaya ranges. The small part of its border is also linked with Bengal. The mountains of Himalaya ranges are also covered with the intense jungle up to an elevation of 6,000 feet. Hkakabo Razi, is one of the highest mountain in Southeast Asia that is situated in Myanmar (website: Myanmar's Geography, 2012).

The major feature of Myanmar is that its major part is situated along the rivers and has the Irrawaddy River system. The lands of Myanmar are very fertile and are the most important part of the Myanmar lands. By geographical location the Myanmar has very importance because the land is rich with natural resources and the rivers have been found very abundant in fisheries resources.

Role of fisheries management and types of fishing in Myanmar

The management of fisheries, as well the development of it is undertaken by the livestock ministry body in Myanmar that is the department of fisheries ...
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