Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI is a psychometric way for the measurement of psychological preference about people and their decision making capabilities. MBTI typological theories were proposed by Mr. C. G. Carl with his publication in 1921. Originally MBTI was developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers who was her daughter. MBTI test was developed during World War II, which was designed to help women who are entering in the industrial workforce. First questionnaire of MBTI test was published in 1962. The types of personality comprises of Introversion or Extraversion, Intuition or Sensing, Feeling or Thinking, Judgmental type or perception type.


MBTI is a type of psychological test which determines a person's personality. Jung who developed the latest version of MBTI test used two dichotomous pairs of functions of the cognitive approach. One is the rational function which includes feeling and thinking. Second is irrational functional which includes intuition and sensing (Furnham, 2008). Jung said that people are either born with particular traits or they develop those traits. There are 16 combinations of MBTI. These are also called 16 possibilities of psychological types. One thing important here is that none of the type is better than other or worse than the other, it just tell the type of personality a person possess. A person if tries to shift from one type to another, thinking that other the other type is good for him is like a right handed person tries to adopt left hand writing as he thinks left handed are better performer. MBTI sort four opposite pairs to form a single combination. These combinations are referred by abbreviations of words such as E for Extroversion, S for Sensing and so on (Furnham, 2008).

My MBTI Type and its Characteristics

I belong to ISFJ combination which is made up of Introversion, Sensing, Feeling and Judgment. The characteristics of ISFJ type is that they are, quiet and friendly in nature. People of this type is very responsible and conscious about things. Commitment towards the goals is another trait of this type, and they work steadily to meet their obligations. They are painstaking, thorough and accurate. Loyalty is another trait of this type. People who belong to ISFJ remember things about people who they value in their life. People associated with this type of personality care about other people and are conscious about the feelings of the ...
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