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“The negation of copular sentences in Najdi Arabic in comparison with English”

“The negation of copular sentences in Najdi Arabic in comparison with English”


While the study, of Arabic linguistics has traditionally focused on the ostensible, standard high variety in what it has always been described as a diagnostic speech community. The spoken conventional varieties contingency receive little to no attention at all by traditional grammarians. In recent years, there has been a surge in the study of Arabic spoken dialects, in addition to Standard Arabic. The Syntax of Arabic represents an example of modern linguists which shows interest in both SA as well as cross-dialectal. There are variations among the modern dialects which is a trend that will hopefully continue to grow in the upcoming years. This can be responsible for bringing more data from the various dialects to bear on issues of linguistics analysis (Joseph E. Aoun, Elabhas Benmamoun, and Lina Choveiri, Pp. 169).

Problem Statement

The negation of copular sentences in Najdi Arabic in comparison with English

Literature review

According to Tmari (2001, Pp. 96), linguistic study has the goal to discover languages and their nature, and how the nature of languages is acquired, and how it functions across the subjects. The evaluation and study of syntax is, in particular, concerned with the ways in which lexical items, which are hierarchically apparent by operations into grammatical phrases and clauses (Al- Tmari, E. Pp. 96).

Fehri (1993, Pp. 09 - 66) states that the four dialects have three strategies of negation: verbal negation, predicate negation, and emphatic negation. She has also defined Categorical negation in these dialects as that negation which is not to a single entity or two of the category. They include the whole category which, does not mirror the mood of the speaker but has a normative aspect that is after witnessing the negation of a certain relationship, incident, member of a group, etc. The acquisition of negation by Jordanian children, and has stated that negation consists of linguistic structures that permit adaption to a variety of elements (Fassi Fehri, A. Pp. 09 - 66).

Aim of the research Project

The aim of the research is focused on identifying the differences between the English language, and the Najdi Arabic language in reference to the negation of the copular sentences which can be a problem in learning the languages. The focus of the research is to identifying the extent of these differences, and the ...