Naked In Nature: Naturism, Nature And The Senses In Early 20th Century Britain nina J. Morris jun 25, 2009 www.Sagepublications.Com cultural Geographies, 16: 283

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Naked In Nature: Naturism, Nature and the Senses in Early 20th Century Britain

Nina J. Morris

Jun 25, 2009

Cultural Geographies, 16: 283

GEA 3500

Summer 2012

[Date of Submission]

Naked In Nature: Naturism, Nature and the Senses in Early 20th Century Britain


Naturism is an historical practice which has been taking place from the ancient times in the Western society. People consider is as the prime relation between human and nature. It enables human beings to have a connection with the natural world. Nina J. Morris has presented this article keeping in front the book “Man and Sunlight” by Hans Suren. The article describes in detail the importance of sensory concepts which were believed by the naturists. The naturists of that period had believed that there is a definite connection between nature and body. Therefore, this article describes various theories that naturists have developed in this regard.

The prime concept that made people follow naturism is that, it helps to maintain physical, spiritual and mental health. However, naturism has reduced to a large extent with the modernization in society. This is because people have criticized the actions of nudism in public places in which private and genitals are in exhibition which is highly prohibited in many religions. With the concept of cultural diversity, and people belonging to different religions have come in Western world, the act of naturism has been eliminated to a large extent. This article focuses on the perspective of naturism in today's western world with a fresh perspective.


The author in the article criticizes the traditional scientific methods that have been used to explain the concept of naturism. This is because the modern science does not support the idea of getting naked. It is believed that in history, when people have moved away their body from sunlight, they have also lost their health and money. Therefore, it shows that the author supports the concept of naturism in a high prestige and believes that money and health solely depends upon accepting the conceptualization of naturism. According to the author, if people wish to have a naturally healthy body, then they must expose their body to nature; otherwise people will continue to have a weaker health then those in the past who have adopted this conceptualization. The author believes that scientists have shortcomings in their theories and perception about naturism and they are more concerned about human emotion, sensuality and belonging rather than the health, mental and spiritual benefits that can be provided by being naked in nature.

Structure of the Paper

The author is surely talking in favor of the concept of naturism. He thinks that the adoption of naturism in the current modern society can change the context of the natural bodies a great deal. He argues and criticizes various naturism related theories of scientists. The article has presented the information in an orderly way. It has first described the various concepts of authors and people of the past era. Then he has moved to today to describe the theories of current scientists. Then he moves ...
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