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The National Coal Mining Museum boasts a show of excavators and other industrial plant in wildly changeable states of, to a photographer's eye; it's not just a load of trucks. Admission to the museum is £3, but visitors have to pay extra for the mine tour.

History and background

The National Museum of Coal Mining in England, an anchor point of ERIH, The European Route of Industrial Heritage, is based on the place of Caphouse coal mine in Overton, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England. Opened in 1988 as the Yorkshire Mining Museum and was granted national status in 1995. This mine was worked at least 1789 until the coal was sold in 1985. Following the strike of miners in the UK (1984-1985) began work to turn it into a museum. The miners were taken to Denby Grange colliery near Netherton(Hannagan, 1992).

The museum offers guided underground tours where visitors can see the conditions of the miners were working on tools and machines used as the mining industry and developed over the years. The file contains extensive old issues of "News of Coal" and the details of coal mines in England. On the surface there is a visitor center, which houses exhibitions on the social and industrial history of the mines. You can see the work former horse boxes, ride the train of rice, follow the nature trail, or play in the adventure park.

Description of equipment and photos

The secret to visiting the collections of rusted cars is to try to forget what you are shooting, because I do not mean to look at them as a hoist, digger, or a drill, but to see everything as a simple shape, pattern and texture. In addition to the collections outside the ...
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