Nationality, Poverty, And Education

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Nationality, Poverty, and Education



In order to understand the accounts of how a KAM model has been framed, we shall identify and highlight the core discussions and considerations for the purpose and objective of making effective amendments in terms of social change. The KAM model has been identified and framed with the sole purpose and objective to make effective considerations and draw approximations and estimated conclusions in terms of any area or field of study. The Walden's mission of positive social change is identified as the initiative that individual commitment to recover and improve human and social condition with the help of using strategies, tactics, tools and techniques in light of promoting the worth, dignity and development of society.



The major issue is the Organization Development that carries a lot of value for any country or society. There are various aspects related to Organization Development that has been analyzed in detail. The most important issue is the value of this topic in the context of Nationality, Poverty, and Education, which has been highlighted in detail in this literature. This is the reason why an attempt has been made to explore the concepts related to Nationality, Poverty and Education and its relationship with the Organization Development.



In this study, an attempt was made to explore the concept of “Nationality, Poverty, and Education” in a holistic context. The focus of the research is on “Nationality, Poverty, and Education” and its relation with the Organization Development. The research has analyzed many aspects of “Nationality, Poverty, and Education” and the effects it has produced on the overall human society.” Finally, the research has described various factors, which are responsible for “changes in the overall societal patterns” and tried to describe the overall effect of “Nationality, Poverty, and Education” on “social changes occurring in the society.” Table of Contents





Social change in view of different theorists2

Main types of social change3

Social change5

Factors contributing to social change8

Change agents10


Poverty and social change10

David Kolb: Experiential Learning11

Maxine Greene: The Dialectic of Freedom11

The Dialectic of Freedom12

John Dewey: The School and Social Progress13

Ivan Illich: De-Schooling Society14

The schooling14


Challenges to Evaluating OD Efforts18

Consultants' Lack of Evaluation Training18

The hidden resilience of street youth19

History of At-Risk circumstances20

Evaluation Takes an Inquiry Approach21

Evaluation is both summative and formative22

Evaluation captures all relevant aspects of change23

Overreliance on Quantitative, Experimental, and Positivist Designs24

Perceived lack of time for conducting evaluations25

No Request by the Client26


Plans on Education26




One of the most important things in the history of America is the social changes that have occurred in America that have occurred because of three main reasons i.e. nationality, poverty, and education in the country. In the past few centuries, there has been a change in the ethnic structure of America, and now there are people from different nationalities residing in America. This thing had an impact on the poverty level of the country and there was an increase in poverty, in America. Then, there were problems relating to education in the country, as well. These three factors had combined to lead to a social change in ...
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