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Answer 1)

The water movement through the hydrologic cycle also known as hydrologic cycle or H2O cycle. This expresses the continuous movement of water above, below or on the surface of the Earth. The fundamental idea of hydrology related to the circulation of water across the different pathway of the Earth with different rates.

Answer 2)

The water process experiences different stage from liquid to solid and to gas. The hydrologic cycle at the uppermost surface of Earth is a continuous and cyclic process by which water evaporated from the oceans and blown as vapor and clouds over landmasses, where uplifting and cooling of the air masses causes' further condensation and precipitation.

Answer 3)

The quantity of water vapor in the air whatsoever at given period has been frequently lower than the required to saturate the air. The relationship between the temperature and the amount of water vapor needed to saturate the air is the ratio of the percentage of the saturation humidity, in general determined in relation to saturated vapor density. In order words, the higher the temperature the higher ability of air to hold water; this is the reason for polar front regularly contributes to rain.

Answer 4)

The mixing ratio (q) is the ratio of the mass of water vapor to the mass of dry air, whereas specific humidity (s) represented by the ratio of the mass of water vapor to the total mass of air. Consequently, specific humidity has almost equivalent values for the mixing ratio.

Answer 5)

Relative humidity has an inverse relationship to the diurnal variation of air temperature near the ground surface, and therefore, its value becomes smaller as temperature increases.

Answer 6)

As the temperature rises, the relative humidity reduces and the other way around. If we leave the temperature unchanged and reducing the mixture ratio, will not have any effect on the change in humanity. In order words, temperature has no impact on the mixing ratio. Relative humidity varies with water vapor content and/or temperature. In other words, relative humidity varies with temperature even when the total amount of water vapor does not change. This is because the saturation vapor pressure depends on temperature, whereas actual vapor pressure does not.

Answer 7)

Adiabatic process is the process in which temperature of the air changes without any addition or subtraction of the heat.

Answer 8)

At 10C/KM unsaturated air cooled when it rises through the atmosphere.

Answer 9)

As we know, air is a mixture of many gases. The pressure and the temperature of air reduce as person move towards up. However, looking at the formula of the gas which is PV=RT, id P and T decreases the value of V increases in order to get constant value. According to this air should expand as it goes up due to the less pressure surrounding it. The air becomes thins which also make the difficulty in breathing, as well.

Answer 10)

The air when sinks it compact because of high pressure. This compactness roots the air molecules to hit each other which result in the temperature ...
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