Nazi Dr. Carl Clauberg And His Human Experiments

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Nazi DR. Carl Clauberg and his Human Experiments

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Nazi DR. Carl Clauberg and his Human Experiments


After liberating the death camps of the Nazi regime, when the Allied soldiers entered the camp they had no idea of what they were going to find in those camps. They might have thought that there would be a scene of an unorganized and war stricken prison. However, the whole world was engraved in horror when they discovered the atrocities committed by the Nazis against Jews. Holocaust has Greek origin and means “sacrifice by fire”. The Nazis believed that they were the most superior race and people belonging to other races including Jews, were a threat to the integrity of the German community.

Nazis came into power in 1933 and began targeting the so-called inferior races including the Roma, Slavic and disabled people. They persecuted a number of people from other groups based on their political, behavioral and philosophical beliefs which included communists, homosexuals and socialists. During the WWII, the Nazis had killed nearly two-thirds of the Jews in Europe as a part of their program called “Final Solution”. This program aimed at killing all the Jews living in Europe. Nazis murdered around 200,000 physically and mentally disabled German patients as part of the Euthanasia Program (Pianist, 7-8).

Nazi aimed to establish their world order, and they started off by spreading out in Europe and persecuted and killed millions. Around two to three million Russian prisoners of war lost their lives due to malnutrition, epidemic diseases and ill-treatments from Nazis. The Nazi regime started a prescribed social norm and anyone who did not fit or abide by it, was immediately persecuted.


Doctors of Death

There are two sides of a coin and same is the case with doctors. They along with professionals from other fields have indulges in studies to uncover the secrets of mind and body. They have delved into the search of understanding the physiology and anatomy of the human body and the way body responds to certain stimuli. These doctors have reduced the human body to a study of mere tissues, lab tests and made it easy for them to dehumanize a person. This has consequences to it as well because a curious, aspiring doctor, who wants to use his patients for experimentation, may kill them.

A doctor might kill for a number of reasons that might range from gaining financial benefits to jealousy. They might use torture to make the patient act against his will just because of the fact that they are in total control of the patient. Some doctors even become addicted to the phenomena of death and pain. They have sometimes acted in the sense of relieving the patient from the painful life they are living. However, majority of these doctors have killed the patients in the name of making discoveries that will shape the future of science and medicine in particular.

Nazi Final Solution

During the reign of Nazi's in Germany, many legislatures and policies were enforced in the country in order to restrict ...
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