Neoclassicism In The Architecture Of Thomas Jefferson

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Neoclassicism in the Architecture of Thomas Jefferson


When the colonial period almost come to an end, the architecture and style of art based on the precise study of ancient Roman and Greek began to appear in Europe and America. This shift in taste coincided with the American Revolution, causing the neoclassical style became identified with the political values of the young republic. In interior decoration, the Adam style, as it was then popularly known in England, soon led to use of America through the pattern books of Asher Benjamin. Neoclassical architecture, represented not only a revival of a style, but to Thomas Jefferson, it was ideal to portray the birth of a new republic as well. Thomas Jefferson tried to use the neoclassical the pattern of their identity then is reflected in U.S. Capitol, the White House, and the Bank of New York with its towering columns and minimalist designs.


With the end of the colonial era, the new style began to emerge, for example, the Federal style Charles Bulfinch and Samuel McIntire in Salem, and is one of the few American-born architects and designers. The neoclassical movement became even more the main style of architecture, when President George Washington and Thomas Jefferson gave serious thought in architecture, where both take great resource in planning and construction of Washington, DC neoclassical style where people is copying the classical style and is taken as an inspiration, where the use of Rome as the main reference. Jefferson's conception of the Roman ideals of beauty and proportion was elegantly expressed in his design for the Virginia state capital of Richmond (1785-1789) (Robin, pp. 36-44).

During the first half of the 19, the architecture is very dominant with only a few people, the field of architecture are greatly enhanced with the arrival of more European architects, for example, the English born Henry Benjamin. Architecture book and began to surface and make an impact worldwide. The later pattern books of Asher Benjamin and Minard Lafever to spread the taste for classicism beyond the major cities of the east coast to the interior (Tallmadge, 34-278).

The South American started building a large house, often with two story columns, where the small town began to change the taste of Roman classicism to Greek sources. The city of Paris also has important changes as it was helping the Americans to end the English colonization of America. Whether the country goes into a period and finds yourself wanting to build a great country, not through war but through his knowledge of the arts and architecture (Robin, pp. 36-44).

The Federal style owes its name to U.S. history, this historical period (1783-1815) was of extreme importance for the establishment of the United States, which saw the end of the revolution, the creation of Articles of Confederation, and Finally, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This was the period of the great men of his time, U.S. founding father George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, where they take their ideas and transform ...
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