New Media Campaign On Toblerone

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New Media Campaign on Toblerone

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New Media Campaign on Toblerone1



Background / overview2

Duration of the Campaign3

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New Media Campaign on Toblerone


Toblerone is a chocolate brand which is owned by Kraft Foods Company. Kraft Foods purchased this company from Jacob Suchard in the year 1990. Toblerone is very popular and famous because of it unique shape. It is in triangular prism or it can also be said that it is of Pentahedron shape (Hidden bear in Toblerone, 2007).

Toblerone was firstly created by Theodor Tobler in the year 1908 in Switzerland. Theodar Tobler with his cousin developed a unique milk chocolate which includes almond, honey and nougat in a triangular shape. The name of product is the combination of Toblers name with the Terrone which is an Italian word. The meaning of Torrone is a type of nougat. In this an image of a bear is unseen in the mountains of Matterhom which is showing the symbol of the origin of its town (Kraft Foods, 2012).

It is said that Theodar Tobler was inspired by the Matterhorn of the Swiss Alps that why he gave the shape of triangular. But everyone has different point of view, according to his son Theodor kept the shape of triangular because he saw an Egyptian show in which there were pyramids.The patent for Toblerone was filed in year 1909 and in the same year Toblerone brand as a trademarked. The patent was filed in Federal Institute for Intellectual Property which is in Bern (, 2012).

In the early years company was working independently. In the year 1970 it got merged with Suchard who are the makers of Milka. Then it was merged with a coffee company known as Jacob in the year 1982 and it was named as Jacobs Suchard. In the year 1990 Kraft purchased most of the company including Toblerone (local production, N. D).

Now a day's Toblerone is manufactured specially in Swiss city of Bern. It has also been manufactured in different places of the world in the past like in England. It was also been produced by Kras under the license of Toblerone in the year 1970s till 1980's. The shape of toblerone is similar to the ptramidal shape and a line of anti-tank which are spread on the borders of Switzerland (Toblerone Schoggifest, 2010). 

In 1995 a Swedish politician was seen buying bars of Toblerone by using Riksdag Credit Card which is known as taxpayer's money. A scandal was made on this act of the politician. The politician was Mona Sahlin and because of this act she has to move from the politics for few years than in year 1998 she came back in politics. In 1975 a student of Oxford Road, Manchester developed a chocolate bar with the same shape as Toblerone.


Background / overview

Toblerone is doing advertising campaign since many years. The example of one of the advertising campaign of Toblerone is recent campaign carried out on Father's ...