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What Extent Does the Organisation of News Influence News Content?

What Extent Does the Organisation of News Influence News Content?


There are many different parts of the political campaign. This campaign is a vital element of democratic systems. The media play an important role in how we view the candidates in the campaign. "The media report and comment on the process and the voters respond with enthusiasm, disgust or indifference." Voters 'News Consumers' and when they watch the news, their "attitude toward politics formed. According to the survey, journalists are more likely to trust the people what the politicians. So as journalists have discovered the Watergate scandal, believes that journalists press saved American democracy, and that he continues to bear the responsibility to protect populations from lying, manipulative politicians. " So if the media image of a terrible candidate and transfer that image to the American public, they should do much to change perceptions of voters.


Politics is big business not only for the candidates, but also for news organizations that cover the government and the electoral process. Rare campaign that does not rely on "media events" to show his wares to the voters. Equally rare is the news organizations that do not spend much time and money trying to make political coverage acceptable to the audience, which is only slightly interested in politics.

"Media coverage is important in terms of generating a positive image and name recognition." role of the media is even more important for candidates who have fewer financial resources. This is because the less money a candidate is more difficult to have the means to challenge all the primaries. These funds will also therefore not be available for future competitions, which will hurt the campaign of presidential candidate.

Beginning the process of selecting a presidential candidate starts with the Caucasus and the primaries. Campaigning in the primaries can begin from six to twelve months before the first primary. Primaries themselves, however, may begin as early as January. Since 1980, more primaries, which were added, and they were held close to each other. Another change that has made it part of the electoral process was important in 1920 when New Hampshire was the first place "and" State or relocated, or abandoned their pre-pulse as a progressive reform weakened across the country. " New Hampshire can see these influences and to conserve their primaries first approved the bill on May 29, 1975 to ensure that their primary was over all the other states. The bill was approved after the Florida and Massachusetts tried to move them ahead of the date of New Hampshire.

The process of "Front-loading" is known as the "modern trend where more and more states schedule their primaries and caucuses to an earlier point in the nomination process, resulting in more competition in a very short period of time." It has many different influences on the election itself. In general, the reasons for the number of candidates who will be less, but public discussion in the decision-making process is ...
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