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Approach and role of HRM in NIKE and STARBUCKS

Approach and Role of HRM in NIKE and STARBUCKS


Human resource management is the function that aims to achieve an effective and sustainable match between company employees and jobs, in terms of numbers, qualifications and motivation. Its aim is the continuous optimization of skills to the business strategy. Forecasting is essential to better respond to changes. In order to make the most of those performances and capabilities, certain activities are important in the organizations (Nelson & Gopalan, 2003, Pp 32)


Starbucks does not own a small business, but Starbucks has opted for ethnocentric approach in global context. Under this approach, all the major managerial decisions are taken in the regional offices (head offices), and management positions are also held by the regional office's personnel's (Yammarino & Dansereau, 2006, Pp. 87). Ethnocentric corporations believe that home country nationals are more intelligent, reliable and trust worthy than foreign nationals (Misra, 2009, Pp. 248). The ethnocentric approach is that all positions in the multinational company are held by employees from the country of origin of the parent or the regional centres (head offices). Regarding the management of employees by the polycentric approach, it is that the positions in subsidiaries are held by nationals of the host country. The region-centric reflects the geographical structure of Starbucks (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007, Pp. 325). Employees may be transferred to another country, but remain in the same region to minimize problems of adaptation. Finally, the approach is the geocentric positions of the availability of all, regardless of their nationality. HRM at Starbucks has a holistic view so the coordination and optimization of the different links in Starbucks' supply chain are understood and value stream mapped, so they are providing satisfaction for their customers and other stakeholders (Noe, Hollenbeck & Gerhart, ...
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