Nokia's Strategic Analysis

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Nokia's Strategic Analysis


This strategic management report has focused on the strategic analysis of Nokia Company. Throughout this report, an emphasis has been drawn on critical analysis of the Nokia. In order to perform strategic analysis of the company, environmental analysis, PEST analysis and SWOT analysis have been done. Such analysis facilitate in drawing conclusion for selecting the right path and strategic options for any of the organization. Furthermore, Nokia's competitive environment has also been analyzed in considering the strategic direction of the company. At the end of the report, some of the recommendations have been given which can be helpful for the company to opt for strategic directions.

Table of Contents



Company Overview1

Environmental Analysis3

PEST Analysis4

Ansoff Matrix5

SWOT Analysis6





Recommendations on Strategic direction8



Nokia's Strategic Analysis


This report will be analyzing strategic management and direction of Nokia. For analyzing company's strategic management and strategic options, there was a requirement of the resources which would assist to identify key constituents that have been undertaken for the analyzing the company's strategic direction. For this purpose, the report will be focusing on environmental, PEST and SWOT analysis of Nokia. Furthermore, Ansoff and BCG matrix will also be done in identifying company's strategic options.

Company Overview

Nokia is a well known brand in cell phone industry throughout the world. The company has expanded its operations all over the world and across diverse population. Today, cell phone usage has become a norm for everyone and it has been used by the people in every walk of life. The company Nokia offers a wide range of services that caters to the needs of most of the potential customers. This increases the credibility in the eyes of consumers who can choose any of them required types of telecommunication equipments. In addition, much attention is given by the quality of service that today's conditions are one of the key factors influencing the choice of the client company.

In addition, consumers are better informed about the choice of mobile phone. As the technology market is considered perhaps the most important factors that Nokia has been focusing on. They must keep abreast of the latest technologies so that they capture the largest market and outperform their competitors. (Bluetooth, GPRS, and the camera) Nokia has reached 130 countries and nearly 250 network operators. There are various factors that have been playing crucial role in affecting consumer's intention towards Nokia's marketing. Marketing has got huge importance these days which can be witnessed during any advertising campaign of mobile companies. This is the reason why cell phone usage among cell phone users is quite high.

Nokia and Telecom Industry

Nokia Corporation has been successful in becoming world leader in manufacturing and developing cell phone mobile telecommunications. The company has developed by going through number of acquisitions and mergers, and Nokia has also been considered among one of the main actors in the development of the mobile telecom industry in the 1980's and 1990's. The evolution in technology has made the company to realize the effectiveness of strategic options and identifying strategic ...
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