Nonverbal Communication In Different Countries Around The World In A Business Setting

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Nonverbal Communication in Different Countries Around the World in a Business Setting


Nonverbal communication influences both how people encode messages and decode them. Nonverbal communication refers to those behaviors that are mutually recognized and socially shared and that have a focus on message meaning. Although nonverbal behaviors are dynamic and situation specific, seven categories of nonverbal codes have been delineated. These codes are distinct, organized means of expression that consist of both symbols and rules for their use ( Although each code is presented as a separate class, nonverbal behaviors occur together with each other in patterns.

Non-Verbal connection in Spanish Culture

Nonverbal dialect in Spanish heritage is different from nonverbal heritage in the joined States. Be careful with hand signs when visiting other countries. A thumbs-up to someone in the United States might mean something else in a different country (

For example, the hand gesture we use for "come here," the hand palm up with the index digit expanding in and out three or four times, has a very different significance in Latin America. It means that you are very romantically interested in the individual and is considered a solicitation. To shift to somebody in Latin America "come here" extend your hand palm down and move all four appendages in and out simultaneously three or four times.

Watch for the "thief sign" on motor coaches when you travel. When standing in the aisles, pay vigilance to the grandmothers and mothers. They will let you know if a pickpocket is nearby by placing their hand obliquely with all four fingers extended, and then going one digit at a time to touch the palm. It takes only a few seconds to do, but can be important. When you see this hand gesture, hold on to your things (

Non-Verbal Communication in China

China is one of the biggest nations in the world, the birth location of ancient culture and civilization. In general, one may say that by the leverage of Confucius' philosophical conceiving, the Chinese have become more reserved or at least the signs expressing strong feelings are comparatively less expressive. As the verbal language, the nonverbal register of signs lasts for a long time, but in distinct historic times, there are different gestures. From a chronicled issue of view we will differentiate between dead and up to date gestures. This sign categories are metaphorical because there may be archic signs which are still utilised somewhere ...
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