Norm Violations In Social Context

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Norm Violations in Social Context

Norm Violations in Social Context

Ch. 3 Social Problems Related to Sexual Behavior

The first sexual behavior I want to say is premarital intercourse. Based on Kinsey's report mentioned in the textbook, the first sexual liberation occurred much earlier than expected in the United States after World War I. A proximate 8 percent of white women born before 1900 had premarital intercourse by age 20, but that among those born between 1910 and 1929, the figure was 22 percent, later surveys indicate that a second wave of liberalization occurred in the 1960s and 1970s. Why this kind of change would happen, the weakening influence of traditional religious morality lowered the barriers that once prevented many kinds of sexual activity. As women have gained economic and political power, they gained greater sexual freedom as well as men. Most important part is growing emphasis on individual freedom and self determination in all aspects of our lives has made many people more willing to challenge traditional sexual restraints.

Ch. 4 Alcohol and Other Drugs

The second the homosexual behavior which I will say something about it is the gay and lesbian. In the past, the gay and lesbian communities were largely hidden from public view, but they are now an acknowledged part of urban life throughout North America. Most important is the supportive social environment that allows gays and lesbians to be themselves without fear of condemnation by the outside of the world. They believe the homosexual is very important to their life. Although still many people discriminate against the gays and lesbians, even this sexual behavior is illegal in most of the states in the America. The improvement or the sexual movement still is in progress in our society.

Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug. The current evidence indicates that the main health hazard in marijuana use is the risk of cancer and other lung problems caused by inhaling the smoke. And also the marijuana may harm a user's unborn baby, and pregnant women should not use the drug. Opiates are a group of natural and synthetic depressants, all of which are highly addictive. Opiate addiction has serious consequences for the health of the addict. Most of the problems come not from the drug itself but from the way in which it is used. Mescaline and LSD are two of the most popular psychedelic drugs, and both produce powerful psychological changes. MDMA, popularly known as ecstasy, has seen a big increase in its use in recent years. The sedative-hypnotics have effects similar to those of alcohol. They are frequently prescribed by physicians, but there is also a flourishing black market for many of these drugs. The amphetamines are stimulants, and excessive use can produce a psychotic state as well as considerable physical damage. Cocaine is a natural stimulant with effects similar to those of the amphetamines.

Alcohol I think is the most harmful drug to the society right now. It could lead to several kinds of social problems ...
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