Northport Va Medical Center

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Northport VA Medical Center

Northport VA Medical Center


The key to effective health care organizations rely on the kind of personnel in the centre, the strategic planning of the administration, the leadership, and most importantly, the ethical operations that the organization pursue. It is, therefore, very important for the management of the health care organizations to keep an eye on the strengths and weaknesses in the organizational ethics. The ethics in such organizations are very important as these health care facilities are directly linked with the life of the patients. Anything done wrong, can cost the patient his life (Sorrell, 2008).

The healthcare facility I will be discussing in this session long project is the Northport VA Medical Center. The Veterans Affairs Health Facility is a branch of the Department of Veterans Affairs of the US government. It delivers health care facilities to the veterans and their families. It operates the largest health care system of the country and provides a number of facilities. It has a vast network of outpatient clinics, hospitals, readjustment counseling centers, nursing homes, and residential rehabilitation treatment program (Glaser, 2007).

The Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center is located in New York, United States of America. It is a tertiary care facility, which provides a large number of health care facilities to the veterans, as well as, their families. The medical centre is equipped with the state of the art technology. The departments of the medical centre include surgery, medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry, neurology, dentistry, geriatrics, oncology, and extended care. The health care facility provides a number of outpatient, as well as, inpatient facilities to a large number of veterans.


The ethical issues and weaknesses of the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Centre will be discussed in this part. The affect of these weaknesses on the overall functioning of the organization ...
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