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Nuclear weapon1

Neo Realism2

Requirements of nuclear weapon4


Constructivism and Sagan theory8




Nuclear weapon

The emergence of nuclear weapons to end World War II has been a determining factor in the second half of the century XX. The classification of state actors from the strategic viewpoint has been characterized by division into two different nuclear areas and non-nuclear-with different responsibilities and powers in international scene. For the first time in history, several states have endowed with a unique weapon with destructive power. (Makhijani 2007, 37)

In the case of the two superpowers that dominated the dialectics of the Cold War destructive capacity would have allowed the destruction of the planet. To maintain the status quo, the five recognized nuclear powers from the legal point of view by the international community reject the admission of other states in the nuclear club. Position nuclear powers not only gives a military advantage over other states to two in the strategic environment, but also brings an element of international prestige. (Lovelock 2004, 114)

In any case, the emergence of new nuclear powers in the international break can be regarded as a fragile status Strategic quo. Both nuclear and other types of weapons mass destruction are instruments of deterrence, prestige, compensation and multiplication of force on behalf of their owners. The difficulty of establishing effective controls to prevent the development of vector launch medium and long range is another factor of instability “of increasing importance. (Waltz 2008, 117)

Moreover, the low technical complexity unique to the development of other weapons of mass destruction (chemical or biological) makes affordable power tools for countries with a low level of technological and scientific development. The development of these weapons leads to an appreciation of nuclear weapon deterrent and force compensation, not only with super- antagonistic power but also face the challenge of regional powers considered as "rogue states". This situation implies major changes in the landscape of international security, in which a medium-intensity conflict or a regional war outcome may have incalculable consequences. (Spector 2007, 38)

Neo Realism

It is clear that the neo-realism debate is suffering a brief relaxation, to analyze the consequences 11-s of U.S. military intervention in Iraq, based on the assumptions of Waltz and Keohane. Both authors are critical of the actions taken by the Bush administration. Waltz, by hand, more emphasis on the power imbalance in the international system, caused by wrong decisions in Washington after the 11-s, nuclear proliferation and "crisis" in which ...
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