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Nurse in Leadership Role


In this paper I will choose a leader from nursing profession. I have choosen Florence Nightangle, and I will be covering characteristics and qualities of Florence Nightangle. The real life examples of this leader will also be discussed. Some scenarios will be covered, which will highlight where she shown effective communication skills. I will also present example where I faced problems regarding ineffective communication techniques. I will also analyze relevant articles in this regard.

Table of Contents

Thesis Statement:1


Florence Nightingale as an influential leader2

Characteristics and Qualities3

Purpose in Nursing3

Nursing study3

Modern Nursing Attitude3

Communication techniques exhibited by Florence Nightingale3

Empowering Nurses4

Good Listening Technique4


Some other techniques4

Example of an ineffective communication5

Communication technique6

Contrast and comparison6


Nurse in Leadership Role

Thesis Statement:

The research paper is based on a leader. I have chosen Florence Nightingale as a great motivational leader in the nursing field. The purpose of study is to cover leadership qualities and characteristics in Florence Nightangle.


I admire Florence Nightangle as a great leader. I will evaluate the characteristics of Florence Nightangle. Florence Nightingale, daughter of William Nightingale a wealthy landowner. She was born in the city Florence, Italy on 12th may, 1820. William Nightingale was a Unitarian and he was involved in the anti-slavery movement. As a daughter Florence was very close to her father, her father treated her like a friend. Her father taught her Latin, Greek, French, German, Italian, philosophy and mathematics.

At a very early age, she was attracted towards the field of nursing, and she felt that she was called by God for a great cause. Florence Nightingale rejects Lord Houghton's offer of marriage. Her family was upset with her decision. At the age of twenty-five she wanted to become a nurse. Her parents did not like the idea and opposed her to become a nurse.

Florence wanted to start her career in medicine and her desire was more influenced when she met Elizabeth Blackwell at a hospital in London. Elizabeth was the first lady to qualify as a doctor in United States. In 1851 Florence's father gave her permission to start her career as a nurse. She went to Kaiserwerth at the age of thirty-one. She studied in Germany to become a nurse. After two years she was appointed as resident lady superintendent of a hospital in Harley Street, London. In the year when Russia invaded Turkey, Britain and France were concerned about the growing power of Russia, they became aid of Turkey. This war was named as the Crimean War. In this war the victims of the war arrived in Turkey, they became patients of cholera and malaria. It was Nightingale who identified the problem and used techniques to improve the conditions of the hospitals. She also used her mathematical knowledge to collect the data. She became very for her these skills and the data she collected was used by all the hospitals in United States.

It can be observed from the historical background that she had not only chosen nursing as the field but she also proved herself as a leader by using her unique skills and knowledge. She utilized best out of that and became very famous amongst ...
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