Nursing Care Plan For Addressing Osteogenesis

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Nursing care plan for addressing Osteogenesis

Nursing care plan for addressing Osteogenesis


Osteogenesis imperfecta is also referred to as brittle bone disease, the disease and genetic and occurs due to a disorder of the connective tissue, the most obvious symptom is that bones fracture easily, more than often for no particular. (Hartman, 2005). The disease varies from patient to patient. People diagnosed with Osteogenesis suffer from connective tissue problems, weakness in muscles, joint laxity, and skeletal deformities. A patient suffering from Osteogenesis has well developed intellectual capabilities; there are no inherent sighs that affect the cognitive abilities. Usually a faulty gene is the cause of Osteogenesis. There are two kinds of Osteogenesis type I and type II .Type I occurs due to the presence of too little collagen and type II poor quality of collagen (Antipuesto, 2011).


Case Study

Samir is a 14 years old Indian male, living in Kerala, India. He has been suffering from severe pain in his left thigh after falling into a ditch. He was immediately rushed to the Indian trauma center where he was immediately hospitalized. In 2009 he was hospitalized and injured his hip bone Doctor Gautama diagnosed him with Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Family History

Samir's father is 40 years old while his mother is 32. Samir is the 4th child. Samir's father is a smoker and occasional drinker as well. His mother has only recently started smoking.

General Physical assessment

Samir is a young 14 year old boy, brown skinned, he is short in stature and his body is thin. Samir is under bed rest since his fractures of the right 3rd femur.

Nursing Care Plan



Nursing diagnosis


Nursing intervention



History of previous hospitalization

Major clinical manifestation of oi is the tendency of bones to break easily

Risk for further injury pertaining to skeleton impairment

After 4 hours of nursing intervention the patient will be able to verbalize ways ...
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