Nursing Domains & Aplications

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Nursing Domains and Applications to Nursing

Nursing Domains and Applications to Nursing


The purpose of this research paper is to understand the different domains of nursing, and the applications to nursing.

Domains of helping role

This domain of nursing tells about the helping role of nurses. This domain tells the role of nursing to care others in terms of patient's safety, efficiency of care, moral courage and advocacy in going against the tradition in her unit (McGuire, 2002).

Domain of teaching-coaching function

Caring goes beyond helping others by teaching others to care for themselves (McGuire, 2002). A nurse, beginning with what is fearful to the patient, “helps patients interpret the meaning of their illness and what they experience in treatment and recovery.

Domain of diagnostic and monitoring function

Effective diagnosis and monitoring is central to the nurse's role and is dependent upon theory, as well as upon understanding the meaning of the health or illness experience from the perspective of the client (Doyle, 2000). The nurse makes professional judgments regarding the relevance and importance of this data, and acknowledges the client as a valued and respected partner throughout the decision-making process (Doyle, 2000).

Domain of effective management of rapidly changing situations

The effective management of rapidly changing situations is essential in critical circumstances which may be termed psychiatric emergencies (Doyle, 2000). In this domain nurses commences critical procedures: in an institutional setting, e.g., suicide precautions, emergency restraint, elopement precautions, when necessary; in a community setting, uses appropriate community support systems, e.g., police, ambulance services, crisis response resources.

Domain of Administrating and Monitoring Therapeutic Interventions

Due to the nature of mental health problems and mental disorders, there are unique practice issues confronting the psychiatric and mental health nurse in administering and monitoring therapeutic interventions (Evans, 2002). Safety in psychiatric and mental wellbeing nursing has exclusive significance since numerous purchasers are at risk for self-harm and/or self-neglect. Clients may not be brain competent to take part in decision-making.

Domain of Monitoring and Ensuring the Quality of Health Care Practices

Clients may be particularly vulnerable as recipients of health care, because of the nature of mental health problems and mental disorders (Evans, 2002). Nurses in this domain Identifies limitations in the workplace or care setting that interfere with the nurse's ability to perform with skill, safety and compassion and takes appropriate action (Evans, 2002).

Domain of organizational and work role competencies

The PMHN role is assumed within organizational structures, both community and institutional, particular to the provision ...
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