Nursing Evaluation Plan

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Nursing evaluation plan

Evaluation Plan


An evaluation plan is basically a plan through which an organization could check the extent to which the outcomes of their implementation plan is valid and reliable. The problem that we are experiencing is the fall of patients in hospitals (Doenges, 2000). According to the problem defined and outcomes obtained, it is very important to develop an evaluation plan. The evaluation plan which will be used for the evaluation of outcome measures will include the following steps for measuring the effectiveness of outcomes.

Developing a workgroup for outcome measurement.

Program Description.

Identifying data collection methods.

Creating data collection instruments.

Recording and analyzing data.

Utilizing the results.

This is a brief outline of the steps involved in implementing an evaluation plan for measuring the outcomes of the project. The potential questions that were answered to prepare this evaluation plan could be seen in the appendix provided below.

Ways in which the Evaluation Plan is Valid, Reliable and Sensitive to Change

The evaluation plan used is valid, reliable and sensitive because it responds to the measurement of outcomes. The evaluation plan developed measures actually the outcomes for which it is developed. This evaluation plan is also reliable because it will be performing the same way every time in case of any problem and their outcomes through the implementation plan. The developed evaluation plan is capable of adapting to the changes that occur in the clinical methods and technological developments that take place.

Data Collection Methods

The most significant and useful method of collecting data for measuring the outcome measures include is developing questionnaires including questions that will give a better knowledge about the difference between the pre and post implementation processes. The different outcomes will serve as an indicator which will lead to the effectiveness of the evaluation plan. Surveys are made by interviewing staff members about the betterment experienced after gaining the training in order to overcome the existing problem. The basic data collection methods for initiating the evaluation plan is developing questionnaires and conducting interviews to check the effectiveness of the training provided previously to the nurses of ABC Medical Centre for hourly rounding (Ackley. 2002).

Resources for Evaluation

The resources that would be required for the evaluation plan include staff, equipments, printing, staff members. These are the resources that will play an important role in completing the evaluation process. Evaluation will basically involve the involvement of staff members because the questionnaires will be answered by them making use of certain equipments. A process of two way communication is also considered to be an important resource which would make the measurement of outcomes effective.

Feasibility of the Evaluation Plan

The developed evaluation plan is feasible for addressing the possible outcomes from the training program implemented for the identified problem in ABC Medical Centre. This plan is realistic and within the boundaries that would help us obtain useful information. This evaluation plan is considered feasible because it answers the basic purpose of developing this plan which is to evaluate the outcomes of the training provided to the nurses for hourly ...
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