Nursing Home Business Plan

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Nursing Home Business Plan

Nursing Home Business Plan


Caretaker is a small-scale, nonprofit dwelling for the aged, focusing on value of life as much as on accomplished nursing and health care. Caretaker's aim is to encourage the wellbeing, well-being, and self-actualization of its inhabitants, and to assist them to conceive a self-sustaining community in their golden years.Caretaker aspires to be that home for 14 fortuitous full-time aided dwelling inhabitants, proposing medically-skilled care in a polite, self-sustaining community, and proposing accomplished nursing look after short-term residents. On our attractive, freshly remodeled 6 acre house (the previous Wayfield Bed and Breakfast) in the little school village of Middletown, CT, Caretaker adds simultaneously decades of know-how and innovative, alternate visions of the promise in our aged family members' newest years. In our first five years, we will set up a new kind of Elder Care form founded on the concept that the aged are fully-realized individuals, with concepts, ideas, and knowledge which matter.



For our first year, we have four economic objectives:

To increase ample funding for start-up.

To load up all of the rooms in the major dwelling over the course of six months.

To open the Skilled Nursing Facility, and sustain it at 9 to 10 rooms used by for 25 days per month thereafter.

Begin development implementation for the ongoing funding desires of years two through five.



At Caretaker, we encourage the dignity and self-worth of all of our inhabitants, and strive to give them very good value of life, as characterised by the inhabitants, individually and as a group. To that end, we boost inhabitant assembly decision-making through the House Councils, get access to to all localities of their homes here at Caretaker, and self-determination in undertakings, socialization, and nourishment preferences. Caretaker is not just a caregiving facility—it is their home, and their community.


Service Description

Assisted Living

Our inhabitants in the major construction can anticipate polite and nurturing aid as they proceed about the every day undertakings of their own choice—not those of an Activity Director, or nursing home staff. The Elder Assistants, in supplement to supplying individual care, will furthermore manage their laundry, prepare nourishment all repasts (with optional inhabitant assistance), and clean.

Skilled Nursing Care

For inhabitants or provisional inhabitants with more requiring wellbeing or care positions, our Skilled Nursing Care Facility boasts a more nearly overseen and aided way of life on the identical property—right over the courtyard. Our two full-time and two ...
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