Nursing Homes For Geriatric Patients In Canada

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Nursing homes for geriatric patients in Canada

Nursing homes for geriatric patients in Canada

Nursing House to care for older units oriented problems associated with aging. The percentage of patients suffering from urinary incontinence increases with age. Geriatric health has been neglected and under-explored area, in Canada. It aims at clarifying the expectations of geriatric patients from doctors and the factors affecting patient satisfaction in this age group (Kannus, 2005).

Older patients are the fastest growing age group in Canada. Today, many countries have developed guidelines and protocol for the use of restrictions in geriatric settings, because, despite the risks that this practice remains widespread.

There is a full spectrum of highly qualified and competent staff that keeps a nursing home in Canada for the elderly patients and up to standard. Nursing Homes in Canada aim to satisfy most, if not all criteria for 'nursing home model. Some of the services offered include personal, dietary, medical, social, recreational and nursing services (Kannus, 2005). There are also food, laundry, housekeeping, and 24-hour medical services professional care and treating physicians. In addition, since most nonprofit organizations, houses, there are religious services and counseling programs provided. Coordinator is a qualified therapist or someone designated to assist and facilitate the individual needs of residents and to create programs that provide recreation, entertainment and therapy for residents. Social services staff includes social workers, counselors, and some nursing homes, a psychologist who assisted in overcoming the emotional and psychological aspects of aging, as well as the transitional (Cooper, 2007).

Some therapies are common in nursing homes in Canada like Pet, music and art therapy, which are common in geriatric and nursing homes. Music therapy consists of musicians who sing with the residents several times a day for entertainment purposes only and is ...
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