Nursing Informatics

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Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics


American Nurses Association (ANA) defines Nursing Informatics as; it is a specialty that is incorporating nursing with science such as, with computer science, information science for the purpose of managing and communicating data and also to utilize information and knowledge in the practice of nursing. It provides the possibility to incorporate data, knowledge and information to support the patients, nurses and other people for the purpose of decision making. Information technology and information structure systemize the data and information so that it can be processed by the computer.

From the viewpoints of 1998 International Medical Informatics Association Workgroup on Nursing Informatics in Seoul, Korea: It is the amalgamation of nursing and its information relating to it and management of information with technology of communication in order to maintain the health of people worldwide.

The term Informatics came in to the existence after the word of French informatique and used in the medical informatics in the late 1970's. Nursing Informatics was elected by ANA as a specialty practice in 1992, but before that nurses had incorporated the concept of informatics. Later that, ANA members have made the guided principles and scope for practice (American Nurses Association, 1994).

Practices created by ANA in the year 1995 reflect specialized performance to informatics nurses. For instance, informatics nurses contribute to the development of the peers professionally (American Nurses Association, 1995).


Information management concepts nurses utilize in order to help, gather, record and identify data that are relevant to nursing care. In spite of the practice setting such as, management, research and clinical. For the purpose, of supporting direct and indirect care of practice technology can be use.

In starting nurses need to learn basic skills such as computer knowledge and protection of the secrets of health care information by utilizing information system. Clinicians that have become experienced build on the skills of the nurse and are able to identify elements of data for practicing and documenting activities. The specialist of informatics must contain the knowledge about the system life cycle. This is the process of starting, development, accomplishment and operation of information system such as, software and hardware, designing of the process, analysis of the system and project management.

Computer technology plays a vital role in enhancing nurse's activities. With the help of technology, nurses can access to reference material through World Wide Web. By utilizing this technology, they are able to monitor their patient's outcome through clinical pathways. This is enhancing day by day as data bases become wider and information is growing.

In a clinical role, an informatics nurse may work in hospital and perform duties as analyst or specialists. They are liable for certain responsibilities such as, collection of the data, reporting of results, establishing and maintaining databases, conduct surveys, establish communications using desktop publishing and forms.

The analyst nurse has no or very little contact with the patient. She has to concentrate on the work, understanding of it and how to enhance it through technology and management techniques. This role involves clinicians to get education regarding information ...
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