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What Did I Learn in Nutrition Class?

What Did I Learn in Nutrition Class?


Information of healthy and effective diet is available for various media, exerting both positive and negative effects on individuals. It is known that proper nutrition with exercise is the best recipe for losing weight and avoiding obesity. I gained valuable insight about the implications of diet management nutrition interventions from the nutrition class. Many common diseases and their symptoms can often be prevented or alleviated with good nutrition, for this, the science of nutrition attempts to understand how and what are the specific dietary aspects influence health (Sharp et al 1991). In this paper I reflect upon my learning from the nutrition class.


In my nutrition class, I could draw the core concepts that this new science offers. I got to know that the human body is made of chemical compounds such as water, amino acids (proteins), fatty acids (lipids), nucleic acids (DNA / RNA) and carbohydrates (eg sugars and fiber). All these make up what we learned as the classes of nutrients. There are six classes of nutrients the body needs: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. It is important to consume their daily six nutrients to build and maintain healthy bodily function.

In one of the classes, we learned some important concepts about weight and overweight. Body Mass Index (BMI) is the indicator used to measure and classify body weights as per pre-determined standards. A person with BMI> 30 kg/m falls under the benchmark set for obesity v (Smolin & Grosvenor 2005). As for overweight, it is the state of the individual whose weight exceeds the normal limit. For underweight people having BMI less than their age/body standard, the changes from nutrition interventions will increase the mass content in the people's muscles. Also, it would improve ...
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