Nutritional Therapy For The Cancer

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Nutritional Therapy for the Cancer

Nutritional Therapy for the Cancer


Good nutrition is essential which helps in treating the cancer patients; it helps in curing both the illness and treatment affect the hunger. The treatment of cancer also had an impact on the capacity of the body to absorb the certain foods and take advantage of the nutrients. This research paper will help in providing the learning about the requirement of nutrition's needed to overcome the cancer treatment side effects. On the other hand, the paper will also highlight the some of the nursing therapy which are beneficial for dealing with the cancer patients. Mainly nursing therapy and treatment helps in healing the cancer disease. This paper will define that treatment, and it will identify the key issues takes place while taking care of the cancer patient. Most of the cancer patients face serious trouble about their choices for food. The quality of life of the patient can be improved if they use the dietary supplement and exercise regularly which can help in maintaining the physical activity. (National Comprehensive Cancer Network 2003) The most important part in the cancer treatment is the nutrition's. Among the duties of the nurse, one of the important duties is to make sure that patient eats the food category which helps in providing the nutrition to the patients. This eating treatment needs to be look after before and after the treatment. Several guides have been prepared by the cancer society which helps in overcoming some of the cancer treatment side effects which helps in identifying that how well a patient can eat. The reason cancer patient face some of the nutritional issues is that cancer disease releases the chemicals in the body, due to which patient faces a reduction in appetite. This harmful consequence of the disease results in the dietary issues and increases the nutritional and caloric requirements. Many fundamental cancer treatments slow down the capacity to digest and eat food due to this patient's faces difficulty in absorbing the nutrition's.


There are certain side effects of the cancer treatment and cancer including the fatigue and nausea, these side effects also decreases the hunger. If the cancer patient faces the malnourished experience it results in the reduction of the tolerance level to the chemotherapy, further more this consequence increases the side effects and decreases the quality of life. The only thing, which can help in overcoming these issues, is the use nutrition foods. (American Dietetic Association 2004) The important role is played by the nurse for curing the cancer disease and making sure that patient eats the nutrition food. There are several care plans which help in curing and giving treatment to the cancer patients. Several works are also taking place at Petermac for the development of the care plan templates which can help nurses in dealing with the cancer patients and assist them in giving efficient and effective cancer treatment. Nurses may engage themselves in a trial of novels; this intrusion is developed by the department ...
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