Nuts And Bolts Of College Writing

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Nuts and Bolts of College Writing

Nuts and Bolts of College Writing


“The nuts and bolts of college writing” is a book written by Michael Harvey. This book is targeted for the students of college and to analyze that how they can improve their writing skills of college essays. This book provides complete information about the basic principles of the academic writing. Soles also highlights the importance of writing skills (Soles, D. 2009, pp.4).It provides complete knowledge about the general and basic methods of writing. It is richly provided with the different aids of writing with the illustration of examples. It also helps distinguish between good writing and bad writing with preventive measures to avoid such mistakes. It includes the method to help students follow the writing pattern in perspective manner. According to Harvey, it also provides “do's and don'ts” of college writing. This book is written in a reader friendly manner in a clear and easy way. The book itself is an example of perfect the best written text with the clarity, flow and preciseness. Harvey not only emphasized on the writing skills but also on the use of correct grammar, punctuation and citation skills. It also provides great detail on the importance of improving writing skills and the critical thinking as well as implementing the personal ideology and delivers it perfectly to the reader without creating any ambiguity.

Thesis statement

This book is the comprehensive guide to improve the writing abilities of college students.


About the book

The book consists of one hundred and three pages. It was published by Hackett Pub Co in September 2003. This book is targeted for the students of American educational institutions and mainly for the students of higher system. This book consists of Total; eight chapters which provide complete details about every aspect of writing tactics. At the end of the book Harvey also provided the complete information about documentation and citation formats in the appendix. At the end the book consist of the lists of sources used in this book.

About the author

Michael Harvey is the Associate Professor of Business Management in the College of Washington. He wrote the book “Nuts and Bolts of College Writing” to solve the problems of majority of students in the academic writing. He is an expert of teaching academic writing in the University of Maryland and Cornell.

Evaluation of the Book's Relevance to Contemporary University Students

The book is basically targeted for the Students of American Educational Institutions but it is written in such a way that it provides guidance to the students all over the world and can be accepted as the international guide for the essay writing. As for the students who are involved in the practice of academic writing this book helps not only solving the issues of academic writing but to improve the writing skills in attempting other exam papers as well.

Opinion and Persuasion for the Audience

It is the best writing guide that can help the students and academic writers to improve their writing, punctuation and ...
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