Obama Health Care Reform

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Obama Health Care Reform


Over the years, each presidential candidate in the election were committed to improving medical services and reduce costs, but once they enter the White House, the reform would be for large pharmaceutical companies to prevent and, ultimately, their vast wealth and political decisions remain under the threat of influence. High premiums to more than half of small business' employees cannot afford the insurance. High medical costs have led to large U.S. companies at a disadvantage in international competition. In the past 5 years, government paid the insurance companies to cover the losses and maximize profits for some of the fastest growing health care practices (Himmelstein, pp.741-746).

In health care, Obama advocates funded through the expansion of loan repayment efforts, to provide appropriate compensation, to carry out training courses to ensure that health care work force to improve and support infrastructure to improve the working environment. Barack Obama made the most massive reform than any U.S. president may proceed, creating a health system accessible to all citizens. He did so from a different approach, not as a social need, which is so outrageous, but as an economic emergency, as an essential step to evaluate government accounts.


Each year, 100,000 Americans die from medical errors and prescription drug abuse that has led to loss of 1,000 billion dollars. Medical expenses for every $ 1, only 4 cents were used for preventive health care. Although the U.S. health care spending levels are the best in the world, infant mortality rate is higher than the other 38 countries.

In the health insurance coverage, Obama clearly put forward to ensure that all American citizens have access to appropriate health care coverage, make health care affordable for every American to enjoy access to services, but retain the option of patients. Obama ensured the establishment of a National Health ...
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