Observing Human Behavior

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Observing Human Behavior

Observing Human Behaviour


Body language pays a significant role in the assessing the emotional, behavioural, and psychological aspects of a person. We tell a lot about a person just by noticing his or her body language. Expressions on a person's face and physical movements can portray his frame of mind, believes and attitudes about an object of consideration (Series, 2009).

My first centre of observation were two ladies, seems like towards a bend on the walkway. One of them was wearing a raincoat and rain boots, with a handbag in her right hand, and the other has a dog. Both of these ladies were standing outside a café on the high street, at Cromer, Norfolk. Their bodies were side by side and demonstrating a clear picture of perplexity, whether to have their coffee inside the café or not. It was considerably cold that day, and they evidently intended to have their coffee inside the café to enjoy the cosiness. However, to their inconvenience, there was a sign on the cafe door, which clearly states that dogs are not allowed inside the café (Series, 2009).

The lady without the dog seemed indifferent from her facial expression as the other offer no objection to what the lady with the dog intended. The lady with the dog seemed suspicious when she looked at her dog and the place to where dogs a tied. However, it was never a brilliant idea to keep the dog outside in such miserable weather, and her friend did not seem concerned about the dog or her apprehension. They seemed to be relaxed after a while, with a smile, nodding her head with a slight shoulder shrug, every now and then, about whatever the decision the dog owner may take. I observed the two ladies walking side by side either saying something to one another or smiling at intervals in that windy weather. It appeared to me that they might have been sisters, with one concerned too much about her dog and overlooking her sister's need for coffee in that cold weather.

I also observed another lady with a big smile on her face, anticipating their actions. She was behind an open window of the café, and there were several customers around her, probably a café owner or waitress. It was clear from her expressions that she wanted to know their intention of coming in or not. After standing there for a while and noticing the two ladies and their unresponsiveness. She started moving towards the counter with a little sign of disappointment on her face, and then moving away. The lady without the dog certainly moves towards the café lady and waved her, as is she was calling her. The lady moves her attention to different customer with similar familiarity and waving hands. There were adoring smiles on their faces, and I presumed that they may have been acquainted (Series, 2009).

I also noted that this is a familiar route, or a daily routine, and this effect has happened before and it ...
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